Monday, June 29, 2009

Tim hortons and i are developing a love/hate relationship

Angie, does this count as taking care of myself? LOL!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"clean the mess up you made. You dont go through garbage and leave it a mess"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think i hear an ice cream truck .... I may need to investigate

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chubbie......this guy.

Ok seriously just finish already Final Cut!

I need to swim, lift, bike, or something. I need to get this thumb better be able to bang myself around playing vball. I ate like a piggy today and feel really chubbie and sluggish. I mean it is like 2:30 am. but my body doesn't feel like it has been worked much lately.

Dude, I heard a lady ask her tell her daughter a few nights ago, "it's 2 going on 3" I looked up at the clock and current time was 1:50. How in the hell is it 2 going on 3? Seriously, how can it already be going on to 3 when I haven't even spent any time in 2???? This lady must not ever be late for meetings or anything with a mind set of 2 going on 3 when its 1:50! I bet she has worms, many of them.

Look to your right my friends....

Underneath the headline "Check This Out" is a link to a website my friend and semi-colleague has put together. He's super talented, so be sure to give it a look.

B-I-N-G-0!......69 hahahahahaha

I went to the bingo with Dino the Sistersaurs, Ma and Tommy. We all bingoed (word?), so that was sweet. Ma is lucky!

I did get up early this morning and rode my bike out to the Chippewa Nature Center. Didn't really do anything there, it was just a good destination. I listened to nature for bit and then watched the early mornin dew turn into this wicked mist. It was cool and I need to put a bag on my bike to easily carry my digital camera. Maybe BeppyCat can make me one. SA has been part of my inspiration to get back on my bike, thanks SA!

I may have seen a badger today, or possibly a really big house cat. It was hard to tell.

I took a 40 min power nap on my couch in the sun like a cat. It was amazing!

So I'm currently reinstalling Final Cut. It says its gonna take 7hrs!!! Not to sure about this because I need to change disks. Gross!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunshine is revolving around a small daisy flower on the side of a country dirt road.

My thumb is doing ok. Like it still hurts but I can move it and basically it feels better everyday. I'm still not ready to play vball, which makes me pretty sad because tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful. I am going to get on my bike tomorrow, debating a very early ride to get the blood pumping for my first Monday off. I'm looking forward to having Mondays off. According to sunrise tomorrow is at 5:55 am, maybe I'll make breakfast for the sun.

Today was my Grandma's 80th B-Day party. It was really nice catching up with cousins and spending time with family.

This might end up being a really busy week at the Tennis Center working on a video project. More to come about that. In the end, its a big oppurtunity.

I've got a lot of things piling up on my to do plate. Gonna have to buckle down and pull an all nighter tomorrow night, or something close to it. I better start a list!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm listening to a band called Phoenix right now. I don't totally know how to describe them but I like it. It's kinda mellow. Has some weird beat to it.

Here is their myspace page if you're interested.

Still picking out a favorite song.

Broken thumb?

Well, if it isn't broken, it's for sure swollen and hurting!!! Someone come make me eggs!

I landed on it yesterday playing volleyball and now it's twice its size. Good news is that I can bend it more than I could last night. I'm figuring not much reason to pay for the Doc bills. As Tommy would say, they are not gonna do anything for it anyway.

I'm working on my resume and cover letter. Its tough but I'm treating it as a rough draft and then hoping some work professionals will help me fix it up.