Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary Face

So this Halloween morning I went to my fridge and was scared out of my boxers. I forgot to buy MILK, and therefore had no milk to put in the cereal I had already poured into a bowl.

Now what, I say, now what?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Not fit for sheering.

Friday night was a good time. Met up with Shely and went to a Halloween party. It was a group of Melly’s friends and it was fun. I wish we hung with that group more often and maybe we will, maybe.

I worked Saturday, tournament, and it was really slow but fun. Got to hang out with Ryan and talked with a girl I hadn’t seen in a couple years. If I knew how to close I might of gotten a date with her.

Saturday evening The Oak house and others came over to play some Mario Party. It was a good time, calm but that was a decent change from the past few Saturdays. Looking forward to this weekend, however. Received a call from my r****** sister. HA! HA! HA!

Worked Sunday, easy again. Watched the Lions win. Went out to The Oak for Spaghetti Sunday and wrestling ppv. Listened to MD put together the best verbal assault on a customer service worker ever. It was radical. Then when the wrestling on tv was done, the action in the trunk of The Oak was just beginning. Video will explain the rest. Wings win as well.

Overall it was a great weekend. My toe hurts but is healing and I am so so so so so dumb for waiting so long to get it taken care of. I have a busy week ahead of me but I think I’d rather have that than nothing to do. Weird.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Chicken Soup

I went to the ER today and had them take care of my ingrown toenail. They numbed my toe and then proceeded to take off the entire nail. So I'm down to only nine toe nails. The other one should grow back in a while. I'll put up a picture once I take the bandages off.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dark Blue October

The following events ARE in the past. By bringing them up I am not trying to open old wounds, so please DO NOT take offense to anything. I am also not saying I did not do anything wrong during these events.

This is a therapeutic writing/blog entry. A way for me to dump some of the trash rolling around in my head during this month of (adj.). I can’t find the right adjective without over/understating what I want to say.

Also, not all of these events are on the same traumatic level, but not happy things for sure.

October 2000 – I see my Uncle Ed for the last time. I was picking Greg up to go see a football game at Western Michigan with Beth, I saw him sitting in his underwear at 6 in the morning on the same counter top I’d seen him sit on for years.

Late that evening we were called and asked to come home because something was wrong. Arriving at Greg’s again we were told my Uncle Ed had died of a heart attack in the late afternoon.

October 2001 – I can’t remember anything tragic here, but would like to note that when I stated I hated this month to Whitney, she pointed out to me that I asked her out on Sweetest Day of this year. So not only bad events have taken place in October.

October 2002 – I currently cannot remember what took place during this month that was tragic, but I’m pretty sure there was something.

October 2003 – I was lied too my face by my two closest friends about something that should have been easy enough to tell the truth about. This was a real wake up call in my second year of college.

October 2004 – Lots of yelling for the entire month. Then drama, more yelling and drama. It came to an end when Marissa and I moved out of the house in Auburn. But that started some of hardest interactions I’ve to deal with as an adult (20) which led to a split in friendships.

Also, another tragic death in the family.

October 2005 – No one specific thing tragic event took place in this month that I could recall, however there was some inner turmoil.

October 2006 – This was a pretty fun time with the Tigers being in the playoffs, however, Daisey, the shit-zu I grew up with passed away. Only a few weeks after that the other shit-zu, Dusti passed away.

October 2007 – change. I get a phone call from my dad this morning and he tells me that Daffney has died. No one called this week to tell me she had been sick. I’ve been pretty busy this week but I should/would of found time. I was closer to her than the other canines, she was my friend and Dad has said many times, she didn’t have many.

So now that you’ve read this, if you find yourself asking questions about these past events please go back and read the disclaimer.

Other greatly unhappy events have and will happen outside the Month of October. And great things have joyful significance this month as well – Dad’s Birthday, Parents Wedding Anniversary.

The thing is, I just get this overwhelming feeling that something unforgettable is going to happen during this month as opposed to any of the other 11.

Only 12 days left.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Listy McList Pants

My day in list form:

picked up my wallet from the movie theater
got a tasty smoothie
cleaned the junk out of my car
made a 2 new logos and listed one of them
imported video
finished a work flyer
brought someone food
videoed a ground breaking ceremony at work
went to Little G's football game
won a guru point
went for an hour bike ride
made grilled cheese and tomato soup
watched Chuck (the show just gets better and better)
watched some Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi
started editing some video
called Mark and we synced my laptop to my pc-file sharing to come-thanks Mark-O
listened to the new Jimmy Eat World album (????)
soaked my toe
finished video editing
labled mini dv tapes
listed what was on them (much much needed)
listened to old Jimmy Eat World album (!!!!!)

Things I will do soon:
work on about 7 video projects - all due next week
eat cereal
find time to get to MD's for NHL 08
watch the wing game (go Zetterberg! go Owls!)

Thank You for reading, now please smile!