Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zetterburg shoots and scores! Pizza is here!
I love the cadalac man! And i dont mean robin williams, boosh!
The island has been great! Biking here is Awesomesaurus! Have a blast with Becky!!
Arch rock beats out castle rock. Final score, 199 steps to 168.
Im on a BOAT!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Had dinner with kyle and KB. Was very tasty! Good to see them! Getting ready for bed, free breakfast then biking the island tomorrow. Today was a great day!
Waterfront room due to someone elses puke is nice. Becky and i were the oldest in the water park by 15 years lol
At clydes with the girlfriend = super :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here we are......

So Adam has decided to stay logged in to his blogger account so here we are... posting a fun message. As Karen says, "Adam made a fatal mistake." The only problem is that we are out of ideas. So I need some suggestions. What would you like to hear? Leave us some lovin'!

Karen and Kuri!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

WE GOT FIRST PLACE!!!! BOOMSTICK!!!! Midland is Tennis Town !
In my life thus far i dont think Ive been a part of something thats brought so much joy to so many people. Its what im meant to do, so therefore im complete
So....jokim noah just asked me where the grandstand stadium was . Fer realz!
Currently watching portabelo mushroom vs. Faucet man
I need some new socks. First purchase when I get back
Tommy would be proud. I just ate slice of tomato all by itself

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just spent more money than one should even consider when buying dinner. But i got my souvenir and this smoothie is super good
I wish i could spell a new york accent
I just dropped , Youre a bum! , on novak djokovic, . Everyone here laughed about it ..... He ended up winning
I really want a popcicle .... Or maybe 70!
Left 13 went over to louis armstrong stadium to watch Djokovic
Sittin at the us open court 13 waiting for the 2009 DCTC Champ to take the court for a doubles match.
Hard rock cafe was cool and time square is really bright. Getting ready to head downstairs to the bus and go to the us open

Friday, September 4, 2009

Walking back to the hotel
Found tdog.eatin hard rock in time square
Waiting while leaning on a mailbox
At 49 and 5th waiting for a tdog
Cant find tdog
I just saw a hot dog cart and a prostitute, NEW YORK NEW YORK !
Just got to hotel hiked up 17 floors with luggage bag back pack tripod and camera bag, sweaty i am
And do they live in pineapples under the sea? Why is everything blue?
Seriously, she cant tell this guy is a vampire? Is she related to lois lane? If that dude got on the bus right now id scream VAMPIRE! and jump out the window
Twilight is on now. I hope mark rufalo is in this
I think peanutbutter cup whitherspoon is dead in this movie
Someone on this bus is a big mark rufalo fan or something. First 13 going on 30, now some movie with him and reeces peanutbutter cup whitherspoon
Hi KB! hope you enjoy this blog series as much as chicago
I slept through the entire state of michigan. Dirt room by blue october is good good stuff
Bus for new york city leaves in one hour. Im sleepy. Rather be sleeping. Sleeping sounds beautiful . Prob sleep on bus

Tuesday, September 1, 2009