Saturday, August 29, 2009

Capturing wedding footage on the train. I work well in confined places
Watching HOT ROD on the train. Wheres Jer?
Jessica may have swindled me out of $10 for the $7.60 she needed for a train ticket but maybe she didnt, and maybe i really helped someone who truely needed it
Thank you thank you nirvana chick!
Everyone needs to see kyles awesome beard. Ive started calling him Scraglepuss, he reminds me of a cartoon weasal
So far the van ride more like what i thought the train would be like! Uncle Mike driving = Greg Biffle
Go back to supercuts and get your 5 dollars back jabroni!
Had a good morning of sittin around. In the van heading to union station . Train leaves chicago at 410
Stanleys name is actually Layla :-(

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just saw the the sickest thing in my life! Drew saw it too!
We went to an Oberweis Dairy. I think i got a cavety as soon as i walked in
Back at the billy goat. Gonna get myself a double cheezborger soon
Riding in cabs makes me like im in Die Hard
Yar! Met some pirates!
Field museum was pretty sweet. Learned about the evolution of the earth,Rick Flair is from the jurasic period! Saw one big man eating kitty cat too!
How many small boy feet can fit inside of a Apatosaurus foot print?
Cerealreality was CLOSED! :-(
Henry rollins cant control his child
Going to the field museum today. Gonna bag me a Trex! YeeHaa!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It could be like playdoh
There is a mostly hairless cat here , kinda wrinklly , kinda weirding me out
Baseball at wrigley really is baseball. Pretty different from family, ferris wheels, and fireworks at copa. It was fun! Cubbies lost. Strange cargo was neato!
If sarakaren were here right now she would kill someone.... Woo! Woo! Woo!
You are Damn old
If you start telling a story and stop to comment on the fact your getting old because the story took place so long ago,THEN,forget to get finish your story....
7th inning stretch....root root root for the TIGERS!
Did you know the ivy at wrigley is made up of 3 types? Boston ivy, baltic ivy, and virgina creeper which turns brown in the fall.
Theres lots of talk of units, and randy johnson isnt pitching
"heres to you, heres to me, i hope i dont have to pee" "this is the most baseball ive watched in my career" its the 3rd inning!
I wish there was a vendor walkin around yelling.... FRESH BLUEBERRIES , STRAWBERRYS, APPLES!!! that would just be lovely
Willingham is a BUM!
Theres something pretty spectacular about the national anthem when its sung so beautifully, thank you Angel Taylor
CM Punk one hopped it to home plate, hes a bum!
Subway train observations:dont mess with independent women,very crowded,scare tactics are employed, and drew recieved a lap dance most of the trip.
2pts drew! He must have better sight lines being taller and stuff because he spotted the subway entrance. Waiting for my first subway train ride to wrigleyville
The man sitting to my left in mc donalds is wearing a green jacket, i wonder if he won The Masters? Maybe is arnold palmer
Oh yeah forgot to say , kyle might have blinded a homeless man last night
Malinda, a business women, is doing some work on the train. Calling josh to find out if he got the emails. She sounds very busy and chews her gum loudly
On a train! Heading to union station then walk to the red line train and take that to wrigley field! Scaggly man on train apparently angry about train arrival
Woke up this morning screaming for acetaminophen, grandpas gonna need some drugs to drag his carcus around today

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Legs are tight but today was super sweet. Time for sleepyz.wrigley and strange cargo tomorrow! Cowabunga!
The guy with the miller light is on his phone and Ive picked up that he does some type of video work, Hahaha.
There is a man on the train with a 24oz miller light. Im not real sure thats allowed. But hey he isnt driving the train i guess
The dudes at the billy goat were super cool. In a cab heading to union station. This cab needs new brakes, dang!
Billy goat says soriano is a BUM!
Lots of tongue action under the horny goat
Weve been found out! They know were Tiger fans! Ut oh!
In billy goat tavern. Apparently the regulars think were to young drink. I guess im not as old looking as i think
Grandpa is very jealous of every person he sees on a bike
I think i just matthew maconahays younger brother
Some guy buying a 40 in a liquor store tried talkin me into buyin something lol
Kyle may have broken the espn zone NHL game. He kept pounding it in the 5hole, i guess it couldnt take it
Apparently grandpa has a bad hip. :-( thank goodness for taxis! Its sorta awkwardly silent except for his hop music choosen by the cabbie
Rain rain go away! In the year 2040 we will need more unfocused construction with lots and lots of cars for our ever increasing population
Oh hey, its a big egg
Food very good, more walkin to happen
Kyle said he wants his burger cooked medium. Jer, what should of said?
We made it to The tilted Kilt Pub . My hip hurts pretty bad. Glad to take a break. Looking forward to food. Super sweet projection screen here too.
Wheres uncle john? Our boat captain just up and left.
Banana on a boat! Can a person eat to many bananas?
I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppys! Were on a boat! Heading to navy pier. Going through the city on the river is sweet!
I keep calling the clouds, smoke. Lol
Sky box thing poking off the side of willis tower, over 100 stories in the air , strangly relaxing
Bout to hit union station and conquer downtown chicago!
Healthy breakfast,check. Shower,check. Pfp,check. Game plan by travel planner small Boy, check. Leaving on train real soon

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Goods, really good! Or was it the fancy drink and computer chair? was all good. Sleepy time realz soon :-)
Coolest theater ever!
Bought some bananas yogurt and special k . Felt a little guilty after that pile white castle sludge
Hello red MONSTER, Ive never seen you before
Nirvana chick in jewel osco says 101.1 .... Seek and destroy!.... She was correct sir!
White castle conquered! Final score small Boy 10 grandpa 12 papworth ate no onions.
We made it! Time to pfp and find food! Hungryy like a wolf
We made it to our second train. If gene wilder gets on this train , im getting off.
We shouldnt apologize for things we cant control. Hush kyle i was reading the text this guy next to me sent
15 mins from Chicago!
We have now entered the central time zone and those of you who are not digital monsters please difficultly turn that wheel on you wrist watch back an hour
One of the children might have crapped its pants . It stinks :-( the monkey host is crying. Maybe he realized hes being used, that hes simply a pawn
There is a child with a monkey back pack. It looks more like the monkey attacked him and now he is the host to the monkey
Land. Its just me and my wheatables
So venturing back from the snack car i find that some tool has taken my seat. Not only have i been seperated from my companions,i now am in screaming children
The dealer (papworth) cheats!
Blackjack for peanut m n ms!
War in the snack CAR results. Drew fell first, grandpa wins! Final score, 32 to small Boys 20.
Its time for WAR!
After discussion, hobos most certainly are modern day trolls
Bought some wheatables in battle creek ,pretty sure we saw our first homeless man. He could use a sarakaren make over for shizzle
Passing through battle creek. Looking to see if the lights on the glockspiel are still lit. Just saw a hobo house under a bridge.are hobos modern day trolls?
We are going about 60 mph. Figured that out because we just passed a truck, Hahahaha horray
Creepy bug on the window sill. I blew at it, but it seemed to get stuck in one of the holes. I hope its dead but i see it wiggling right now, its dead.
To my right sits a Small Boy. His hat is pulled down tightly, attempting to eliminate sun rays with an angry scowl, he sits waitin for three inches to pass.
Early observation, train does not travel as fast as i thought it would. Expected super train from hell speeding through towns with no regard for turkeys or kids
Snack CAR success. Jimmy dean did not let me down, hot breakfast sandwich = good choice! Ornery snack CAR conductor, priceless!
Todays winner is .... SNACK CAR !
The man in the box conductor hat says snack car , is two cars up!
The train is a rolling!
On a train! No sign of snack car.
Heres some funny . Hahahahaha
Waiting to board train. More peeps riding train than i would thought. Girl with monster , slightly jealous
Its 530 and im wide awake ! :-) here we come chicago , more importatly , here we come SNACK CAR! Drew wins for the first are we there yet! 2 pts Drew!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


so im moving at the end of the month, and i would like to say that while organizing i've learned that i love rubber bands!!!!! true story

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

faster please

rendering is really really super annoying. i'm pretty sure i'm just going to have to update the ram, the next time a hundy falls into my lap.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rain wrecks outdoor video shoots

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Something like a fenommenom with SA! Awesomesaurus!