Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Canoe Trip

This was Kari's idea from yesterday but it worked out well for a story I heard today.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Check out my Poem and Story journal.

I put up a few of the things I've written over the past week. Just observations and whatnot. CHECK IT HERE

Awesome song, better video!

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Great Lakes Loons

On April 17, Tuesday, the first 1,000 fans at the GLL game get this nifty backpack. Tickets are $9.50 or $7.50. Not sure when we may have to buy tickets, but we can get them ahead of time for only a dollar per ticket extra (price listed above includes the one dollar.)


AZ Adventure: March 12 - The Arrival Part Two

AZ Adventure: March 12 - The Arrival Part Uno

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I think I might start showering...

...before I go to bed. Just a thought.

I turned 23 last Monday. I had a great birthday. It was fun. Um...I suppose there is more to say about what I did but really it boils down to one thing - Clyde's was CLOSED! We will go back for Greg's birthday though in May.

I've been playing a bunch of racquetball with the Matt Dude, PW, Chris, and JR. I'm investing in a knee pad for my right knee. Each time I go down to get a low ball, I smash that knee into the gym floor. I am developing a permanent lump and bruise. But having a ton of fun.

I've also given up alcohol, pop, and as many sweets as I can for lent. (for example, I still eat granola bars, chocolate chip style) So far it is going well. I'm just trying to take a little better care of myself. Hopefully, this is a good start.

What else? I leave for Beth and Ben's on Sunday and fly Monday. So if you hear about a plane going down Monday, please call and see if I'm ok. Actually, I don't know if I will be able to use my cell. I still have to check with Sprint. But I know I will for sure be on the Internet at Bethy's. And I will update often. I'm really looking forward to my trip. I'm sure you will all miss me tons.

I've been listening to music a lot, as always. Just throwing that out there. I bananaed the new Sevendust album and their old one, and Buckcherry and I'm going to be giving them a listen of the next few days. Sevendust and Nonpoint have similar styles.

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second that goes by, we're closer to spring. Which means closer to riding my bike around town and the rail trail. Yep, lets all smile together.

This Friday night we are having game night for a few hours and then going to see 300. Can't wait for that movie. I would also like to note that when I get home from Beth's on the 21st, I will be going to the new TMNT movie on the 23rd. Even if for some reason I go alone, I will see it then. Then probably again that following Tuesday when its $5.

I went and saw Wild Hogs with my parents and Greg today. I love my Mom and Dad. They are very cute and operate in total contrast sometimes.

GOOOOOOOOOOOO WINGS!!!!!!! Can't wait for the playoffs. How bout that game tonight Mark-O?

Well I think that's it. Sevendust is calling. There a little something I wrote about my Bday here. I haven't written to much lately, been creatively stagnant. I did make this shirt design for JR's Bday though.

I also made this for my bathroom. I'm going to get it printed 22in x 28in.