Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love TV!

This week is premier week, for most shows anyway. Lost doesn't start until Jan. Here are a few things I watched so far. All NBC.

Stars Kip from Less Than Perfect. This was a really funny show. He saw a bunch of crazy subliminal messages about government secrets and now a hot blond girl is going to protect him.
Looking forward to the banter between he and his best buddy. Plus his sister is hot.

I'm re-watching last season and watching the new season. The first episode was good but more will be better. I think my favorite story line is Peter and Nathan because I like the brother being there for his brother. And Peter is sweet with his Rogue capabilities.

Bionic Women
The scene with the evil OG Bionic Women was sweet. The whole Timeout thing was dramatic and well done. Looking forward to more scenes like that. And no offense because, I'm not the hottest human alive, but couldn't they of casted a little hotter Bionic Women, one who looks like she sleeps and didn't just leave sparing round De La Hoya? Just sayin.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


.....I had one of the most emo days at work in maybe the entire time I've been there. Not getting into details here, that'd be unprofessional. Just kinda poopy.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wicky Wicky Wild Wild

Friday morning started with Wake Up Midland which is where we debuted the video I put together last week. It was really early for this guy but it went super well. I think the business owners there liked it and I hope it brings some sponsorships to the Tennis Center.

Friday night was fun at MD's. PW was pretty messed up and hilarious. Spent the night on the floor because of his allergies he did. Good times.

Saturday afternoon was the surprise party for my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. They were very surprised. The venue was great, lots of relatives were able to come. The slideshow was entertaining. I got to play dj. I cried a little. I'm pretty emotional when it comes to mom and dad. I'd like to thank my brother and sisters for doing such a great job on Saturday.

After the lunch-in I went to mass with the rents and B&B. I was really tired but glad I did and it's something I am going to do more often.

Went back to MD's Saturday night, received a fun phone call from T-Dawg in Meijer, and PW signed me up on Jellyfish.

Sunday morning woke up early again and went with the family to the Detroit Tiger game. (ps. resmer if you happen to read this sorry I didn't call, got wrapped up with the fam)

So now I'm finally home and happy to be. Watching the Lions game, currently at half time. Life is good, but I wish I had sloppy joes and mashed potatoes.

ps. can't wait for redwing training camp Saturday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today is a day like none other

So I'm going to start up this blog again, and I'm doing so for a few reasons.

- friends
- family
- jesus
- and now that I'm on the computer so much more for work, I have the time, hence the new title.

If somehow you have not heard I started doing video production work with the Tennis Center. In the past two weeks I've also done a project for the Community Center.

So far, except for the stress of wondering if they will like the work, I love it! For many months I didn't plan on doing much with my Delta experience, but an opportunity changed that.

I saw 11 slug bugs yesterday. TS

Jer rocks, thanks for scanning in those photos. You will be paid in BWW.

Looking forward to MD's Friday night. Should be fetch. Maybe this time he will aim his pong shots instead of just whipping them.