Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Night

It is interesting when the world you know is turned upside-down. This might happen with a phone explaining the death of loved one, news from the doctor that it IS cancer.

Tonight my world is on its ear but the cause isn’t as devastating or life changing. Sometime after 11 pm my power went out. But not just my APT or my building or even this complex. When I gaze towards my patio door it is a giant black hole. There isn’t a street light for miles. Occasionally the world I could view with ease due to safety lamps is lit up with a passing car. Once they pass by I’m back to nothing.

If someone said to me, “Let me show you what the world was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.” I would have no idea they would just turn off every light and boom goes the dynamite. This is what they saw. This is what many saw before we ran voltage to almost every corner of the Earth.

It is amazing. It is glorious. It is a dark coffin out my patio door and I’m the beaming with rays of enlightenment.